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Organic fabrics & ecological material

For all Dog Filou's beds and blankets we use only certified organic fabrics made of 100% organic cotton and certified organic cotton thread for sewing. Our dog beds are filled just with natural, ecological and sustainable filling materials.

Filling materials                                                                               

Natural latex flakes

Our natural latex flakes are made of 100% organic natural latex, without any synthetic components. Natural latex flakes are very elastic and pillowing, so all Dog Filou's beds will perfectly adjust to the dog's body shape and can easily be fluffed up again.



We use natural JAVA-kapok from wild-growing kapok trees. Kapok is very light, cuddlesome and regulates temperature - that makes our beds comfortably warming in winter and cooling in summer. Moreover, kapok can prevent against bacteria. 



To make our Organic Beds feel  even more relaxing, on request we add dried lavender to the bed filling. We use organic lavender from the Provence (France). Its pleasant fragrance soothes and makes your dog sleep relaxed, moreover it affects vermins.   

Arolla pine

The typical, aromatic scent of the arolla pine has a calming effect and is perfect for a restful sleep. If you wish, we can add arolla pine chippings to the bed filling. These are produced in the Zillertal (Austria) and contain a large amount of arolla pine resin, enabling the arolla pine to develop its beneficial effect.                                  

Organic Dog Bed



Our inlet covers are made of robust, natural-white 100% organic cotton fabric. Every inlet is filled by hand with a mix of 70% natural latex flakes and 30% wild-growing JAVA-kapok. This combines the matchless features of both natural materials and the beds are optimally aerated.


We recommend to fluff up the beds as necessary. Washing the inlet is not required. Please follow the care instruction on the product.



All Dog Filou's covers are made of carefully selected, premium 100% organic cotton fabrics, covers for the Dots.for.Dogs. collection are moreover covered with water-repellent coating. To make our covers completely metal-free, we use natural buttons made of tagua for closing. These buttons are hidden on the inner side of cover and pillow, so your dog cannot bite them off. 


All covers are washable at 30°C (gentle wash). When drying we recommend, especially for our plush covers, to lay them on a clotheshorse and possibly pull it into shape. The water-repellent feature of the Dots.for.Dogs collection covers can diminish when being washed frequently. Please follow the care instruction on the product.

Organic Dog Blanket & Bag


For our Organic Dog Blanket we use only extra soft and cuddly natural-white organic plush made of 100% organic cotton. To make the blankets comfortably smooth, always two layers of organic plush are sewn up to water-repellent fabric on the bottom of the blanket. This fabric is also made of 100% organic cotton and is moreover covered with water-repellent coating to protect your dog against dampness. A bag in fitting design - combination of robust natural-white 100% organic cotton fabric and same water-repellent fabric as the blanket - is included.


Blanket and bag are washable at 30°C (gentle wash). We recommend to dry the blanket lying on a clotheshorse and pulling it into shape when needed. The water-repellent feature of the fabric can diminish when being washed frequently. Please follow the care instruction on the products.